I have been a full time Tattooist based in Sydney Australia since 2006. I started my path with Happy at Mischief Moon, tattooing there for 8.5 years whilst cementing my understanding of the tattoo application and solidifying the belief system that I hold today. Once moving on, I tattooed with LDF for 4.5 years and have recently worked with Thirteen Feet Tattoo, Classic Tattoo, and Lighthouse Tattoo.

Growing up as a teenager of the 90s, the allure of tattoos were steeped in mystery within underground subcultures very far from the prominence we experience today. I wasn’t exposed to the harder service man/woman or biker type influences but instead, the heavy metal and skater/bmx/mountain bike subcultures that I was a part of.

Artistically, some of my greatest influences have been the warped minds of artists such as H.R.Giger and Salvador Dali. Now that I tattoo, my inspiration comes from a wide range of sources including modern tattooists, traditional Japanese artists, woodworkers, designers, graphic artists and everything in between.

In a world completely over saturated with visual stimulation, I am trying to find a more balanced creative path. Painting has definitely become a far more important aspect of my creative practice and I plan to continue delving deeper into that part of my tattooing and life. I have also recently recognised the need for other creative avenues away from tattooing and look forward to exploring new outlets such as woodworking, sculpture and jewellery making.

I hope to continue to evolve as an artist and tattooist and reach new heights as I search for a stronger level of commitment, discipline and calibre within myself.


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